Krungsri Financial Focus Dividend Fund (KFFIN-D)
Old Name: Primavest Equity Dividend Fund (PEF), KRUNGSRI Dynamic Dividend Fund 2 (KFDNM-D2)
Information as of Feb 28, 2020
Fund Type
Equity Fund
Dividend Policy
at least once a year (at a minimum of 90% of fund`s realized profit)
To create return from equities in Finanace & Securities and/or Banking sectors.
Inception Date
28 August 2003
Investment Policy
To invest at least 80% of its net asset value on average in listed stocks and in Finance & Securities and Banking sectors.
Fund Manager
Wiput Uaanant, Thalit Chokthippatana
Return Chart
NAV Movement
  • 3 Months
  • 12 Months
  • Since inception
Risk Level
High Risk

Transaction Details
Minimum Purchase Amount (Baht): 2,000
Minimum Redemption Amount (Unit): 2,000 baht or 200 units
Transaction Period: Daily during commercial bank`s business hours
Proceeds Payment Period: 3 business days after the redemption date (T+3)
Transaction Channel: Krungsri Asset Management,Online Service,AGENT
Top Five Sectors (28 Feb 2020)
Finance & Securities19.16%
Information & Communication Technology6.77%
Transportation & Logistics3.36%
Construction Services2.61%
Top Five Holdings (28 Feb 2020)
Thanachart Capital Plc.8.31%
Kiatnakin Bank Plc.8.01%
Krung Thai Bank Plc.7.91%
Bangkok Bank Plc.7.82%
The Siam Commercial Bank Plc.7.74%
Dividend Payment History, Last 10 times
(Note : Paid 16 times, totalling 17.3400 Baht.)
30 Jul 20190.6600 Bt./unit
29 Jan 20181.3200 Bt./unit
27 Jul 20170.9000 Bt./unit
27 Jan 20171.2500 Bt./unit
29 Jul 20160.9000 Bt./unit
29 Jul 20140.4800 Bt./unit
30 Jul 20132.0900 Bt./unit
27 Aug 20120.5000 Bt./unit
26 Aug 20110.8400 Bt./unit
27 Aug 20101.5000 Bt./unit
Equity Funds
FundHistorical ReturnsFund Size (mil)
% Cumulative Return% Annualized ReturnSince Inception
3 Months6 MonthsYTD1 Year3 Years5 Years10 Years
Krungsri Dividend Stock Fund (KFSDIV)-14.09%-17.47%-13.78%-18.12%-2.73%-2.06%+9.48%+9.05%15,913
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.58%+14.63%+21.36%+12.48%+10.78%+11.59%+14.28%+14.81%
Krungsri Value Stock Fund (KFVALUE)-14.11%-17.61%-13.75%-18.40%-2.86%-1.98%+9.51%+6.84%986
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.42%+14.63%+21.16%+12.53%+10.89%+11.85%+14.44%+18.12%
Krungsri Star Equity Dividend Fund (KFSEQ-D)-15.30%-20.97%-14.44%-24.25%-6.50%-2.63%+5.63%+9.41%1,796
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.60%+15.14%+21.39%+13.43%+12.70%+13.44%+16.92%+22.83%
Krungsri Star Equity Fund (KFSEQ)-15.24%-20.98%-14.34%-24.25%-6.49%-2.69%+5.82%+4.92%1,557
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.47%+15.15%+21.22%+13.44%+12.72%+13.45%+16.90%+19.90%
Krungsri Dynamic Dividend Fund (KFDNM-D)-15.36%-21.22%-15.68%-26.17%-5.66%+0.89%+8.11%+6.15%383
Standard Deviation of Fund+20.42%+16.86%+23.50%+15.38%+13.88%+14.65%+17.09%+19.81%
Krungsri Financial Focus Dividend Fund (KFFIN-D)-17.37%-20.81%-17.37%-22.69%-3.03%+2.07%+8.32%+8.23%1,740
Standard Deviation of Fund+22.42%+17.75%+25.77%+15.18%+13.39%+14.50%+18.21%+21.67%
Krungsri Dynamic Fund (KFDYNAMIC)-15.52%-21.33%-15.85%-26.05%-5.54%+1.03%+8.00%+6.32%1,267
Standard Deviation of Fund+20.68%+17.00%+23.81%+15.36%+13.88%+14.67%+17.10%+20.24%
Krungsri Growth Equity Fund-A (KFGROWTH-A)-14.99%-20.57%-14.14%-23.76%N/AN/AN/A-20.37%11
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.31%+14.95%+21.03%+13.23%N/AN/AN/A+13.60%
Krungsri Growth Equity Fund-D (KFGROWTH-D)-14.99%-20.57%-14.14%-23.83%-6.29%-2.38%+6.22%+7.66%513
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.31%+14.95%+21.03%+13.24%+12.59%+13.34%+16.73%+19.89%
Krungsri Enhanced SET50 Fund (KFENSET50)-15.22%-17.30%-15.14%-16.94%-0.49%-0.04%+8.73%+6.27%2,305
Standard Deviation of Fund+20.55%+16.46%+23.50%+13.99%+11.98%+13.83%+17.11%+21.17%
Krungsri Thai Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund (KFTHAISM)-18.91%-27.05%-16.86%-27.87%-11.92%N/AN/A-2.49%294
Standard Deviation of Fund+19.46%+15.75%+22.65%+14.20%+13.52%N/AN/A+14.07%
Krungsri Thai All Stars Equity Fund-D (KFTSTAR-D)-15.20%-19.68%-14.33%-23.73%N/AN/AN/A-8.63%1,433
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.31%+14.87%+21.04%+13.12%N/AN/AN/A+12.06%
Krungsri Thai All Stars Equity Fund-A (KFTSTAR-A)-15.20%-19.68%-14.33%-23.73%N/AN/AN/A-16.30%333
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.31%+14.87%+21.04%+13.12%N/AN/AN/A+12.84%
Krungsri Thai Equity CG Fund (KFTHAICG)-12.85%-16.83%-12.19%-18.28%N/AN/AN/A-6.91%84
Standard Deviation of Fund+18.96%+15.53%+21.81%+13.21%N/AN/AN/A+12.76%
SET TRI-15.19%-18.09%-14.77%-16.16%-1.84%-0.16%+10.21%N/A
Standard Deviation of Benchmark+20.01%+15.61%+23.11%+13.01%+10.96%+12.13%+15.24%N/A
SET50 TRI-15.58%-17.22%-15.58%-15.74%+0.23%+0.20%+9.53%N/A
Standard Deviation of Benchmark+21.53%+17.05%+24.75%+14.30%+12.19%+13.80%+16.87%N/A
Past Performance Information as of 28/02/2020
Past performance is not guarantee of future results.
Performance numbers are calculated according to the AIMC's standard. Performance is expressed in annualized for the period ≥ 1 year.

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