Online Fund Account Opening

Now you can perform online fund account opening through our @ccess Mobile application, which will help you apply for online fund account opening on a real-time basis with more convenience, safety, and time saving since you neither have to present yourself at bank branches nor fill out duplicate information.  

In this regard, there are two channels for identity verification you can select as follows:
1. NDID platform 
   An infrastructure which connects authorized members together to facilitate cross-institution digital identity verification and authentication based on the identity owner’s consent. It plays a crucial role to promote digital transactions and online with greater convenience and safety in a timely manner. (See more details, click here)

2. 7-Eleven’s Counter Service with a presentation of national ID card   (Effective from 1 September 2021)
How to open online fund account via @ccess Mobile App
1. Select "Open Fund Account", then read and accept terms and conditions, and perform identity authentication via mobile/ OTP
(Please prepare following documents: ID card, 1st page of book bank, or Digital Banking screen specifying name and account number)

For those who never has a fund account with Krungsri Asset Management before, please download @ccess Mobile Application from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Check FATCA status and fill out the form of DOPA with the Citizen ID Card information.​

3. When opening the fund account for the 1st time, you must perform an identity verification through two available channels as follows:

3.1 Identity verification through National Digital ID: Select the bank with which you have performed identity verification, which must be done through mobile banking application of the chosen bank within 60 minutes before getting back to proceed with the next step.  

3.2 Identity verification at Counter Service in 7-Eleven stores nationwide* (Start from 1 September 20201)
To perform the verification, you must bring the QR code generated from Krungsri Asset @ccess Mobile (after selecting to verify identity through 7-Eleven’s Counter Service) together with your national ID card to scan at 7-Eleven’s Counter Service. However, the verification must be performed within seven days at 7-Eleven after receiving the QR code before getting back to proceed with the next step. 

*Please see the branches that do not provide the service    from FAQ, click here.

4. Upon authentication completion, the system will bring you to enter the information required* for account opening.

(*Personal information, work information, contact information, risk assessment questionnaire, and bank account for receiving redemption proceeds)

5. After entering the required information for account opening, please confirm the filled in information, as well as, set username, password, and the 6-digit PIN to start using the Mobile Application.

For @ccess Mobile Application info,   click here.

Identity verification Steps

1. Identity verification through NDID of each bank
Currently, there are nine commercial banks* offering the electronic cross-bank customers’ identity verification via the NDID platform for opening saving accounts as follows:

  • Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited
  • Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited
  • CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited
  • TMB Bank Public Company Limited
  • Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited
  • Kiatnakin Phatra Bank Public Company Limited
  • Government Savings Bank
  • Government Housing Bank

*Each bank will provide the service within the limited scope according to each bank’s available service hours and channels.   For more details, click here (Thai version only)

2. Identity verification at 7- Eleven’s Counter Service
Once you select 7-Eleven’s Counter Service channel, you will receive the QR code which must be scanned and presented with your national ID card at 7-Eleven stores nationwide* to perform the identity verification.

*except the following branches: 
1) Department store/ stores: Major Rangsit, Future Park Rangsit, THAI Shop
2) Airport: Don Mueang International Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Phuket International Airport, Hat Yai International Airport, U-Tapao–Rayong–Pattaya International Airport (PTTOR PCL.)) 
3) Other branches: Mo Chit 2, Ko Lipe, The Customs Department Parking, Airport link, Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodindra Hospital, Happy and Healthy Bike Lane

Frequently Asked Questions
For FAQ,   Click here
Instruction manual

For manual for online account opening, click here

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