Sala @ Sathorn Property Fund (SSPF)
Information as of Aug 31, 2021
Fund Type
Property Fund
Dividend Policy
At least once a year (at a minimum of 90% of fund`s realized profit)
To generate return from property investment
Inception Date
15 July 2009
Investment Policy
Invest in property including land and office building at Sala@Sathorn
Fund Manager
Jakkrapat Gumpanon, Sira Klongvicha, Porntipa Nungnamjai, Tikamporn Wichaitammatorn, Theerapab Chirasakyakull, Rumbharaj Yudhanahas
Risk Level
Medium to Low Risk

Transaction Details
Minimum Purchase Amount (Baht): -
Proceeds Payment Period: -
Asset Allocation (31 Aug 2021)
Instruments issued by Sovereign or Supra-national organization0.79%
Fixed Income Instruments issued by Bank of Thailand3.94%
Deposits and Fixed Income Instruments issued by Financial Institutions0.13%
Other Assets2.59%
Other Liabilities-1.65%
Dividend Payment History, Last 9 times
(Note : Paid 9 times, totalling 3.1039 Baht.)
27 Sep 20210.3854 Bt./unit
22 Sep 20200.4715 Bt./unit
20 Sep 20190.4627 Bt./unit
21 Sep 20180.4563 Bt./unit
22 Sep 20170.4500 Bt./unit
23 Sep 20160.3700 Bt./unit
23 Sep 20150.2600 Bt./unit
26 Sep 20140.1400 Bt./unit
26 Sep 20130.1080 Bt./unit

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