What is EM@cess Online Service?

EM@ccess Online Service is a system for provident fund members developed by Krungsri Asset. Members can easily manage their portfolio by themselves via www.krungsriasset.com. Krungsri Asset provides services as follows;
1)        Transaction (Change Investment Plan/ Reverse /Historical transactions)
2)        Payouts to Exiting Members
3)        Statement (Existing investments / Transaction / Historical NAV)
4)        Individual statement of provident fund
5)        Information (Fund article/ Fund committees/ Company fund article/ Provident fund regulations /Investment plan summary)
6)        Personal setting (Review/Amend personal data / Member risk profile / Change password / Setting)
7)        Manual
8)        Forms (Appointment of beneficiary/ Amendment of beneficiary / Retain provident fund money)
9)        Financial planning (Plan your money / Tax calculation for provident money)