Signatory Declaration to the Investment Governance Code (I Code)
Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (“ the Management Company”)   declares   our adoption  of   the   following   Principles   set   out   in   the   I   Code   issued   by   the   Securities   and   Exchange   Commission   of   Thailand,   and   our   commitment   to   implementation   consistent   with   our   role   and   fiduciary   responsibilities.

Investment Governance Code Policy & ESG Policy
Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (“ the Management Company”) as the investment manager recognizes our duty to manage investment with good governance responsible, honest, transparent and be able to create growth for sustainable benefits for clients and unitholders as well as to motivate and push listed companies to conduct business with good governance with social and environmental responsibility ("ESG") for long-term sustainability. This will to ensure that our investment process can deliver returns in line with our client’s objectives and sustain value including affecting to the economics.
ESG Policy and Investment Governance Code Policy (I-Code) are   adopted by the Board of Directors of the Management Company.  This code is a statement of the Management Company’s commitment and is the guidance for investment supervision of institutional investors in accordance with international practices. This policy shall apply to all Board of Directors,the Investment Committee, all members of the Fund’s investment team and all staff.
Anti-Corruption Policy

Krungsri Asset Management is the affiliate company under Krungsri Group. The Company is strongly committed to the highest level of integrity in conducting its business and was recently awarded accreditation from the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) in collaboration with industry peers and stakeholders on a zero tolerance approach to corruption. Details are shown below:

Proxy Voting Policy

Voting in Meetings of Shareholders on behalf of the Fund

Krungsri Asset Management Co.,Ltd. has set forth the voting policy for meetings of shareholders on behalf of the Fund and the policy for the disclosure of voting information according to announcement issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) taking into account of long-term utmost benefits of the Fund.

Investing in Krungsri Asset Funds

We have offered a variety of funds for investors with different risk profiles.