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LTF | RMF 2017

Investment conditions and eligible rights to receive KFCASH
  • This promotion campaign is eligible for the accumulated investment value (Net) in all LTF and RMF managed by Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd.   (“the Company”), excluding KFCASHRMF, KFGOVRMF, KFLTGOVRMF and KFMTFIRMF, incurred during the period of 4 January – 29 December 2017 only.
  • The investors must hold the fund units invested during the promotional period until 31 March 2018, which is the date when the Company will calculate the accumulated investment value (Net) eligible to receive KFCASH fund units.
  • Accumulated investment value (Net) means total amount of subscription and switch-in transactions from other non-LTF and RMF of the Company and  transfer-in transactions of LTF and RMF from other asset management companies deduct total amount of redemption, switch-out to other funds of the Company and transfer-out transactions of the Company’s LTF and RMF units to other companies. The exception will be allowed only when the redemption, switch-out and transfer-out transactions are made from the outstanding units as of 30 December 2016 calculated by the Company using FIFO method, as per the tax benef it conditions specified by the Revenue Department.
  • In case the investor has more than 1 unitholder account, the Company will count the accumulated investment value (Net) from all accounts, considering from the unique ID Card No.
  • The Company will transfer KFCASH units according to the investment and entitlement conditions to the investors by 28 April 2018. KFCASH units will be calculated at its NAV price on the allocation date. 
  • Net eligible investment units from the regular saving LTF | RMF promotion for 12 consecutive months from Jan-Dec 2017 will be not counted for this above mentioned promotion. 
  • The Company reserves the rights to change the promotional conditions without giving prior notice.  In case of any dispute, the Company’s decision shall be deemed final.
PVD to participating RMF transfer
  • For the investors having mutual fund and RMF accounts for PVD transfer, the Company will consider the net investment amount in order to calculate the eligible promotion value and transfer KFCASH units to mutual fund accounts within 28 April 2018. The units of KFCASH will be calculated at its NAV price on the allocation date.
  • For the investors having only RMF for PVD transfer, the Company will calculate the eligible promotion value and transfer cash within 28 April 2018 into the bank accounts for redemption units receiving being informed by the account holder.
Conditions for the subscription through credit cards
  • The investor can subscribe to the Company’s LTF and RMF through participating KRUNGSRI credit cards such as Krungsri Credit Card, HomePro Visa Credit Card, Central The 1, Simple Visa Card, Krungsri First Choice Credit Card, AIA Visa Card and Tesco Lotus Visa Card with minimum investment value of 2,000 Baht per transaction.(Excluding: KFCASHRMF, KFGOVRMF, KFLTGOVRMF and KFMTFIRMF).
  • Every investment unit will not join the credit card promotion and reward points.
  • Conditions in using credit cards will be as set forth by the Company and the Credit Card Companies.
  • The Company reserves the right to change the conditions in subscribing the funds through credit cards without giving prior notice. In case of any dispute, the Company’s decision shall be deemed final.

LTF is the fund promoting long-term investment in stocks, while RMF is the fund promoting long-term savings for retirement.
Investment contains certain risks, the investor should study fund feature, condition of return, risk and tax benefits in investment manual  before making investment decision.
  • Investment in the fund units is not money deposit and contains certain risks. The investor should consider to invest in Long Term Equity Funds (LTF) and Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF) that are suitable to the investor’s investment objectives and investor must be able to accept any risks associated to such investment.
  • If the investor does not comply with the investment conditions, they must return all given tax benefits with additional tax payment.
  • For investment in the fund units of Krungsri Gold RMF Fund (KFGOLDRMF) (“The Fund”)
    • The Fund will not hedge against foreign exchange risks which may cause loss or profit from foreign currency to the investor and/or the investor may receive the money back less than the initial investment amount. Meantime, as the Fund mainly invests in foreign fund, there will be more risks associated to the economic, politic, and society of the country that the Fund intends to invest.
    •  The Fund invests in the fund units of foreign fund named “SPDR Gold Trust” traded in Singapore Stock Exchange. Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund will be calculated using closed price of SPDR Gold Trust traded in Singapore whose price may be different from the price of Gold Commodities or closed price of SPDR Gold Trust traded in other exchanges. Therefore, the investors may get the Fund at the price different from Gold Commodities price or the price of SPDR Gold Trust traded in other exchanges.
  • For investment in the fund units of Krungsri Japan Retirement Mutual Fund (KFJAPANRMF), Krungsri Europe Equity RMF (KFEURORMF) and Krungsri Global Healthcare Equity RMF (KFHCARERMF) will not use any tool to hedge against currency risk and therefore the fund may be exposed to higher currency risk and/or investors may receive return below the initial investment.

This translation is for convenient purpose of the English language original only. In the event of any discrepancy, the Thai language original shall prevail.

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