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Invest in SSF | RMF to achieve your short-term and retirement goals
Plus a special promotion of from accumulated amount in invested SSF and RMF 2021 according to terms and conditions, receive KFCASH-A units valued at 100 Baht for every investment of 50,000 Baht*

Invest for your future with tax deduction privileges through participating SSF and RMF, receive special promotion from accumulative investment amount throughout the year*

Now you can redeem your credit card points of all Krungsri credit card types (except Krungsri Corporate Card) to invest in any SSF / RMF through @ccess Mobile Application and @ccess Online Service  on a condition that 1,000 points = 100 Baht of fund units
See terms and conditions, click here.

*Investment terms & conditions
Investment conditions and eligible rights to receive KFCASH-A units
  • This promotion campaign is eligible for an investment in SSF and RMF managed by Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“the Company”), except KFCASHSSF, KFAFIXSSF, KFCASHRMF, KFAFIXRMF, KFGOVRMF, KFLTGOVRMF, KFMTFIRMF, and new SSF/ RMF 2021 according to  the Company's announcement for exemption, with the accumulated investment amount during January – December 2021.
  • Investors must hold investment units invested during this promotion period until 31 March 2022, which is the date the Management Company will calculate the net accumulated investment for KFCASH-A units entitlement.
  • Net accumulated investment amount means a total amount of subscription and switch-in transactions from other SSF and RMF of the Management Company completed through applied Regular Saving Plan service or regular investment of fixed investment amount each month deducted with total investment amount of redemption, switch-out transactions to other funds of the Management Company and non-participating SSF/ RMF, including transfers from SSF/ RMF units of the Management Company to other companies. The exception will be allowed only when the redemption, switch-out and transfer are made from the outstanding balances on 30 December 2020 calculated with FIFO basis by the Management Company, according to tax benefit conditions specified by the Revenue Department.
  • For investors having more than one fund account, the Management Company will count the net accumulated investment amount from all of their accounts by considering the ID Card number.
  • The Management Company will transfer KFCASH-A units according to the investment and entitlement conditions to investors by 30 April 2022. KFCASH-A units will be calculated at its NAV price on the allocation date.
  • Net eligible investment units from SSF/ RMF Regular Investment for 12 consecutive months from Jan. – Dec. 2021 will be not considered for this above-mentioned promotion.
  • RMF units transferred from PVD will be eligible only for RMF-for-PVD promotion, but not for this promotion mentioned above.
  • The Management Company reserves the rights to change the promotional conditions without giving prior notice. In case of any dispute, the Management Company’s decision shall be deemed final.

Conditions for the subscription through credit cards
  • Investors can use Krungsri participating credit cards such as Siam Takashimaya, Krungsri Exclusive Signature, Krungsri Signature, Krungsri JCB Platinum, Krungsri Platinum, Krungsri Platinum Master Card, Krungsri Visa/ Master Card, Krungsri Lady Titanium, Krungsri Doctor Card, HomePro Visa Platinum, Krungsri Manchester United, Central Credit Card, Simple Visa Card, Krungsri First Choice, AIA Visa, and Test Lotus Visa to purchase SSF and RMF* of the Management Company at the minimum purchase amounts as follows:
  1. SSF: 500 Baht
  2. RMF: 2,000 Baht except KFACHINRMF: 500 Baht  
*except KFCASHSSF, KFAFIXSSF, KFCASHRMF, KFAFIXRMF, KFGOVRMF, KFLTGOVRMF, KFMTFIRMF and new SSF or RMF 2021 according to the Management Company’s announcement for exception.      
  • Any investment unit will not join the credit card promotion and reward points accumulation.
  • Conditions in using credit cards will be as set forth by the Management Company and the Credit Card Companies.
  • The Management Company reserves the right to change the conditions in subscribing the funds through credit cards without giving prior notice. In case of any dispute, the Company’s decision shall be deemed final.

See KFCASH-A details
Read SSF and RMF investment manuals

  • SSF is the fund to promote savings. | RMF is the fund promoting long-term investment for retirement.
  • Investors should understand fund features, returns, risks and study tax benefits in the investment manual before making an investment decision.
  • Investors will be not eligible for tax benefits in an absence of compliance with investment conditions.
    • The Fund will hedge against currency risk upon fund manager’s discretion. Therefore, the fund may be exposed to currency risk and/or investors may receive return above or below the initial investment.. Meantime, as the Fund mainly invests in foreign fund, there will be more risks associated to the economic, politic, and society of the country that the Fund intends to invest.
    • The Fund invests in the fund units of foreign fund named “SPDR Gold Trust” traded in Singapore Stock Exchange. Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund will be calculated using closed price of SPDR Gold Trust traded in Singapore whose price may be different from the price of Gold Commodities or closed price of SPDR Gold Trust traded in other exchanges. Therefore, the investors may get the Fund at the price different from Gold Commodities price or the price of SPDR Gold Trust traded in other exchanges.
  • KFACHINSSF*, KFACHINRMF*, KFEURORMF, KFGBRANRMF*, KFGTECHRMF, KFHCARERMF, KFINDIARMF, and KFJAPANRMF will hedge against currency risk upon fund manager’s discretion. Therefore, the fund may be exposed to currency risk and/or investors may receive return above or below the initial investment. (*Remark: The fund will enter into a forward contract to hedge against the exchange rate risk on average of 90% of the foreign investment value) 
  • KFAIFXSSF, KFAFIXRMF and KFHAPPYSSF will fully hedge against currency risk.
  • KFACHINSSF, KFACHINRMF, KFHAPPYRMF, KFGOODRMF, and KFSUPERRMF may invest in non–investment grade/unrated securities, investors may be exposed to the issuer's default risk resulting in a loss of entire or partial investment.
  • KFGTECHRMF and KFHCARERMF have concentrated investments in a specific industry sector. Thus, investors may suffer significant loss in the value of their investment.
  • For KFGOLDRMF, KFGTECHRMF, and KFHCARERMF, investors should seek additional advice before investing.

SSF details

RMF details



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