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KFCMEGA-A ... Capture all China’s Top Megatrends 

Mega opportunity from 5 China megatrends packed in one fund 

Getting to know the five mega trends driving sustainable growth

China now boasts the world's highest eCommerce sales

In 2021, it is expected that more than 2,779 trillion USD of retail sales will come from e-commerce platform, marking China the world’s top rank. Plus, Chinese e-commerce companies have substantial revenue growth.

Source: eMarketer as of Dec. 2020 and KraneShares as of Dec. 2020

China now has nearly 1 billion internet users or 67% of total populations.

Thus, China internet businesses have achieved a solid growth, beating other countries for the same business sector, while the revenue growth rates for China internet companies are higher than U.S.
Source: Bloomberg, KraneShares as of 31 Dec. 2020

China has achieved the fastest-growing major healthcare markets in the world.

from favorable population structure and environment policies for drug research and development set by China Food and Drug Administration – CFDA in 2015.
Source: WHO as of 7 Apr. 2020 and KraneShares

China has invested in energy transition more than any other country.

China has outpaced other world leaders in its expansion of electric power capacity from renewable technologies.

Source:  BloombergNEF

China has been a global leader in electric vehicle adoption.

China is the world’s largest automobile market and it is forecasted that EV sales will represent one third of car sales in 2025. (Source: Canalys estimates as of Jan. 2021).

KFCMEGA-A: Krungsri China Megatrends fund-A  

Investing in China’s five mega trends through four ETFs based on initial asset allocation as shown below, the Fund’s asset exposure will be adjusted upon fund manager’s discretion to best suit the market situation in each period.

Past performance based on simulated asset allocation

 Source: MSCI. Portfolio allocation is just an indicative which is subjective to change based on market conditions. 
Source: Morningstar as of 28 Feb 2021. Benchmark is MSCI China All Shares NR USD. Returns are calculated based on portfolio simulation which is used for back test portfolio results of the proposed investment strategy, realized results may vary.


Investment policy The fund will invest in units of foreign equity funds and/or Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) whose investment policy focuses on investment in listed securities in China and/or whose main business or majority of revenue comes from business in China. The fund will invest in units of foreign equity funds and/or ETF as per describe above at least 2 funds, in average in any accounting period, no less than 80% of its NAV and the exposure per each fund will not exceed 79% of NAV. The exposure in each foreign equity funds and/or ETF will be upon fund manager’s discretion which is subject to change based on market situation in each period.
Risk level 6 – High risk | Hedge against currency risk upon fund manager’s discretion. Generally, the Fund will hedge against the exchange rate risk on average of 90% of the foreign investment value.
Dealing date ​ Daily (Please refer to Fund’s Non-Dealing Calendar)
Minimum purchase 500 Baht
IPO 7 - 15 June 2021   (After IPO: 21 Jun. 2021)

Fund Promotion
Every 100,000 Baht investment amount in ​
Krungsri China Megatrends fund-A (KFCMEGA-A)

during 7 - 15 June 2021
receive investment units of   KFCMEGA-A    valued 100 Baht

Terms & conditions
  1. This promotion is applicable to the NET investment amount in Krungsri China Megatrends fund-A (KFCMEGA-A) during IPO period only. Net investment amount means purchase or switching in value less redemption or switching out value.
  2. Investors must hold units until 15 October 2021. The outstanding investment amount is based on the unit balance of the fund as of 15 June 2021. However, customers will not be eligible to join this promotion if they redeem and/or switch out investment units of the fund during 16 June – 15 October 2021 regardless of the amount of redemption. 
  3. The Management Company will calculate the total investment amount in KFCMEGA-A based on each investor’s unitholder account number. In case an investor has more than 1 account, the Management Company will not consolidate the total investment amount from all accounts for this promotion. 
  4. The total amount of investment amount, which is less than 100,000 Baht, will not be counted for the promotion.
  5. The Management Company will allocate the promotion units of KFCMEGA-A to the eligible investors within 30 November 2021. The units of KFCMEGA-A will be calculated at its NAV price on the allocation date. Front-end fee is waived for the units of KFCMEGA-A received from this promotion. 
  6. Subscription and switch-in order through unit-linked life insurance is not eligible for this promotion.
  7. Other terms and conditions may apply for the transaction executed through an omnibus account. Investor should contact your representative selling agents for further information. 
  8. Transferring units, either to the same or different investor, is not eligible for this promotion. 
  9. The Management Company reserves the right to offer other equivalent reward as appropriate or change terms & conditions of this promotion without prior notice. 
  10. This promotion expense is charged to the Management Company, not the fund.

  • This mutual fund concentrates its investment in specific sector. Thus, the investors may incur a substantial loss of investment.
  • The fund may enter into a currency swap within discretion of fund manager which may incur exchange rate risk and investors may lose or gain from foreign exchange or receive lower return than the amount initially invested.
  • Please study fund features, performance, and risk before investing. Past performance is not an indicative of future performance.




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