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Top RMFs ... Robust Returns Opportunity

Since RMF is long-term investment for retirement, selecting funds that have potential to generate consistent returns, build growth in the future and outperform  regardless of crisis and economic cycles    can  insure your investment.   

KFGBRANRMF (Krungsri Global Brands Equity RMF)

Invest in the world’s leading brand companies
  • Focus to invest in hard-to-replicate dominant brands such as consumer staple companies and IT products reaching buyers around the globe despite economic slowdown.
  • Invest in the master fund titled Morgan Stanley Investment Funds – Global Brands Fund (Class ZX) on average at least 80% of NAV
  • Risk level: 6 – high risk | Hedge against currency risk upon fund manager’s discretion

Fund performance 

Source: Krungsri Asset Management as of 30 Oct. 2020 | Fund inception: 23 Nov. 2016 | Benchmark: MSCI World NETR USD adjusted with the exchange rate for conversion to Thai Baht as at date on which return is calculated. However, this performance is complied to AIMC’s standard.​   | Perforamnce periods longer than one year are annualized.

Master Fund:     Morgan Stanley Investment Funds – Global Brands Fund
  •  Invest in companies with strong brand position and loyalty, resulting in  an increase of customers' repeat purchase. Thus, pricing will be not a key driver  anymore, while the company has an opportunity to sell products at   premium    price .
  • Invest in companies producing goods and services people use or consume daily regardless of economic cycles, such as soaps, toothpaste,  detergents,  floor cleaner liquid, etc.   Therefore, these companies has been able to generate stable    revenue because they  do not face any significant economic impacts.

Sample of invested  companies
Focus to invest in global leading companies that have competitive advantage 
Source: Morgan Stanley Investment Management as of 30 Sep. 2020

Proven fund performance 
Deliver 17 calendar years of positive return from 19 years track record since inception
Source: Morgan Stanley Invesment Management Limited as of 30 Sep. 2020. | The performance shown belongs to MS INVF Global Brands Fund, I share class which is the oldest share class incepted on 30 Oct. 2000, while KFGBRAND will invest in ZX share class incepted on 22 Feb. 2010. The performance is presented net of investment management fees and are quoted in USD terms. This shows the performance of the master fund, so it is not complied to AIMC's standard.

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KFGTECHRMF (Krungsri Global Technology Equity RMF)

Invest in global technology stocks
  • Focus to invest in stocks  of innovation and technology companies  with solid fundamentals that are the source of potentials for high growth opportunity    from new technologies amid the global economic slowdown
  • Invest in the master  fund titled T. Rowe Price Funds SICAV – Global Technology Equity Fund (Class Q) on average at least 80% of NAV
  • Risk level 7 – High risk | Hedge against currency risk upon fund manager’s discretion.

Master Fund:    T. Rowe Price Funds SICAV – Global Technology Equity Fund
  • Focus to invest in  “New Technology” companies that are determined to   seek businesses  that have new innovations   . Major currently focused businesses are   Internet, Software, and Semiconductors.
  • Not relied on benchmark, but focus to invest    in stocks in which fund managers have confidence   
  • Adjust portfolio quickly to catch up on technology trends that have always changed swiftly. 

Fund performance 

Source: Krungsri Asset Management as of 30 Oct. 2020 | Fund inception: 12 Oct. 2017 | Benchmark: 100% MSCI AC World Information Technology Index The Management Company will follow to master fund’s benchmark in USD currency adjusted with the cost of foreign exchange hedging to compare with the Baht equivalent as at the date of calculation of return. However, this performance is complied to AIMC’s standard. |   Perforamnce periods longer than one year are annualized.
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Minimum purchase: 2,000 Baht only

Now you can redeem your credit card points of all Krungsri credit card types (except Krungsri Corporate Card) to invest in any SSF / RMF through @ccess Online Service only on a condition that 1,000 points = 100 Baht of fund units. |   See terms and conditions, click here  

Investors can purchase KFGBRANRMF and KFGTECHRMF through participating KRUNGSRI credit cards    |   Every investment unit will not join the credit card promotion and reward points.

Investment terms and conditions
  • Invest up to 30% of taxable income, which must not exceed 500,000 Baht when combined with investment in other retirement savings funds, namely Social Security Fund (SSF), Provident Fund, Government Pension Fund, Annuity, Private School Teacher Welfare Fund (PSTWF), or National Savings Fund.
  • Investors must continue to purchase RMF at least once a year and must not pause to make such purchase more than one consecutive year. Investors must also continue to invest in RMF until they reach 55 years of age and must continuously invest for at least 5 years.
  • In case of breach and investment for more than 5 years, investors must pay the amount of tax exemption for the past 5 years (included the year before the starting year of breach)
  • In case of  breach and investment for less than 5 years, investors must pay the entire amount  of tax exemption, while  capital gain from incompliant redemption is deemed as taxable income in the year of redemption according to  rules of the  Revenue Department.
>> Read RMF Investment Manual (Thai version only) <<​

  •  Investors should understand fund features, returns, risks and study tax benefits in the investment manual before making an investment decision. Investors will be not eligible for tax benefits in an absence of compliance with investment conditions.    Past performance is not an indicative of future performance.
  • RMF is an investment for retirement.
  • Funds invest in offshore equities that contain the market risks in association with economy, politics or society. Such market risks can affect business to the extent that change the market condition.
  • Funds may enter into a currency swap within discretion of fund manager which may incur transaction costs. The increased costs will reduce overall return. In absence of a currency swap, investors may lose or gain from foreign exchange or receive lower return than the amount initially invested.
  • KFGTECHRMF has specific investment in single sector, so investors may be exposed to risk in  a loss of their investment.   |   Investors should seek advice before making an investment decision.

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