KSAM launches KFGPE-UI for Unique Growth Opportunity in Private Equity Investment

4 March 2022

Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd. is offering Krungsri Global Private Equity Fund - Not for Retail Investors (KFGPE-UI) for unique growth opportunity in investment in leading private equities in several businesses across the world. KFGPE-UI has made an initial public offering (IPO) from today to 14 March 2022. The minimum required investment is set at one million baht.

Mrs. Supaporn Leenabanchong, Managing Director of Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd. (KSAM), revealed that “the company is offering Krungsri Global Private Equity Fund - Not for Retail Investors (KFGPE-UI) for ultra-high net worth investors who seek alternative investment for growth potential from investment in leading private equities of several businesses across the world with an aim to reap good returns from co-investing and growing together with these businesses, who are non-listed enterprises with high growth potential and require fund mobilization to expand businesses or cope with growing products and services. In the future, these firms have a chance to be listed in stock exchanges or be sold to other shareholders, and, thus, are regarded as assets with expected good rates of returns in the long term. Besides, Private Equity carries low correlation with other assets, helping in an investment portfolio’s risk diversification.

 “KFGPE-UI makes investment through its master fund - Schroder GAIA II Global Private Equity Fund that is under Schroders’s management. This fund firm has expertise and experience in Private Equity investment for more than 25 years. The master fund will directly invest in non-listed companies with a coverage of investment through Private Equity funds in both primary and secondary markets. The fund focuses investment in five business groups - healthcare, technology, digital consumers-related, business services, and industrials.”

 “The master fund employs diverse investment strategies with an emphasis on Small-mid Buyouts in order to grow together with businesses that have stable cash flow, and widely-accepted products and services. Most of the Buyouts are in the United States and Europe, while this strategy is usually deployed in combination with the Venture Capital strategy investing in newly established enterprises for growth opportunities. And the Growth Capital strategy is used for making investment in companies in the growth stage and with capital requirements for expansion. Most of this investment are in Asian firms with growth opportunities from the population structure and those with benefits from domestic consumption. In addition, the master fund includes ESG into its investment process.”

“One of KFGPE-UI’s highlights is unlocking liquidity constraints by not specifying the holding period and this differs from typical private equity funds.  And after the IPO, the fund will allow monthly units’ subscription and quarterly redemption. The master fund targets to hold cash of 10-20% for liquidity and changing market conditions.
 “One of businesses invested by the master fund is POP MART, the China’s largest art toy maker which is growing rapidly. The other is ]init[, the leading digital transformation service provider in Germany that focuses on servicing the public sector. ]init[ has three business groups - Digital communication, IT services, and Hosting. Last example is ArchiMed MED, the healthcare investor in the Europe, emphasizing investment in medical services, diagnostics, medical equipment and tools and consumers’ health, etc.” (Source: Schroders Capital, 2022)

 “KFGPE-UI is an alternative for qualified ultra-high net worth investors whose criteria meets the SEC regulations to join private equity investment with institutional investors. The initial investment is set at one million baht,” Mrs. Supaporn said.

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Please request for more information and a prospectus at Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Tel. 02-657-5757  or all branches of Bank of Ayudhya.
Please study fund features, performance, and risk before investing.
Since the fund hedges against currency risk upon fund manager’s discretion, it may be exposed to FX risk and investors may encounter FX gains or losses or receive a lower return than the initial investment amount.
The fund is for Institutional and Ultra High Net Worth Investors only. This fund is High Risk or Complex Fund, investor should therefore seek an additional advice before investing. 
The fund has no investment risk limit as general mutual funds, it is therefore suitable only for investors who can accept high level of loss.
Investment policies
  • Minimum 80% of NAV in average of fund accounting year are invested in the foreign investment fund named, Schroder GAIA II Global Private Equity Fund (master fund).
  • Risk level: 8+ Significantly hight: Hedge against currency risk upon fund manager’s discretion.  (Generally, the Fund will enter into a forward contract to hedge against the exchange rate risk on average of 80% of the foreign investment value.)
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