To notify the update list of funds that are restricted to offer and/or sell to U.S. person and/or U.S. Citizen

25 September 2020
Krungsri Asset Management Co., Ltd. (the “Management Company”) would like to notify that Krungsri Global Core Allocation Fund is restricted to offer and/or sell to U.S. persons and/or U.S. Citizen.
All fund list restricted to offer and/or sell to U.S. persons and/or U.S. Citizen are as follow.
1. Krungsri BRIC Stars Fund (KF-BRIC)
2. Krungsri China Equity Fund (KF-CHINA)
3. Krungsri Emerging Markets Equity Fund (KF-EM)
4. Krungsri Europe Equity Fund (KF-EUROPE)
5. Krungsri Latin America Equity Fund (KF-LATAM)
6. Krungsri Oriental Flexible Fund (KF-ORTFLEX)
7. Krungsri US Equity Fund (KF-US)
8. Krungsri Emerging Local Investment Fund (KF-ELI)
9. Krungsri Total Return Bond Fund (KF-TRB)
10. Krungsri Gold Fund (KF-GOLD)
11. Krungsri Gold Hedged Fund (KF-HGOLD)
12. Krungsri Gold RMF (KFGOLDRMF)
13. Krungsri Oil Fund (KF-OIL)
14. Krungsri Mixed 2TM Fund (KFMX2TM)
15. Krungsri Mixed Plus 2TM Fund (KFMXPLS2TM)
16. Krungsri Global Healthcare Equity Fund (KFHEALTH)
17. Krungsri Global Small-Mid Cap Equity Dividend Fund (KF-SMCAPD)
18. Krungsri Europe Equity Hedged Fund (KF-HEUROPE)
19. Krungsri Europe Equity RMF (KFEURORMF)
20. Krungsri Global Healthcare Equity RMF (KFHCARERMF)
21. Krungsri Global Income Fund (KF-INCOME)
22. Krungsri Japan Hedged Dividend Fund (KF-HJAPAND)
23. Krungsri Greater China Equity Hedged Dividend Fund (KF-HCHINAD)
24. Krungsri Asian Income Hedged Fund (KFAINCOM)
25. Krungsri Collective Global Income Fund (KF-CINCOME)
26. Krungsri Japan RMF (KFJAPANRMF)
27. Krungsri Global Property Fund (KFGPROP)
28. Krungsri Global Equity Long Short Fund (KF-GLS)
29. Krungsri Global Brands Equity Fund (KFGBRAND)
30. Krungsri Global Smart Income Fund (KF-SINCOME)
31. Krungsri Global Collective Smart Income Fund (KF-CSINCOM)
32. Krungsri Global Smart Income RMF (KFSINCRMF)
33. Krungsri Global Brands Equity RMF (KFGBRANRMF)
34. Krungsri All Stars Dividend LTF  (KFLTFAST-D)
35. Krungsri Global Technology Equity Fund (KF-GTECH)
36. Krungsri Japan Equity Index Hedged FX Fund (KF-HJPINDX)
37. Krungsri US Equity Index Hedged FX Fund (KF-HUSINDX)
38. Krungsri Japan Small Cap Equity Fund (KF-JPSCAP)
39. Krungsri Japan Small Cap Equity Dividend Fund (KF-JPSCAPD)
40. Krungsri US Small-Mid Cap Equity Hedged FX Fund  (KF-HSMUS)
41. Krungsri Happy Life Fund (KFHAPPY)
42. Krungsri Global Multi Asset Income Hedged FX Fund (KFMINCOM)
43. Krungsri India Equity Fund (KF-INDIA)
44. Krungsri Greater China Equity Hedged FX RMF (KFCHINARMF)
45. Krungsri Global Technology Equity RMF (KFGTECHRMF)
46. Krungsri Happy Life RMF (KFHAPPYRMF)
47. Krungsri China A Shares Equity Fund (KFACHINA)
48. Krungsri Asian Equity Hedged FX Fund (KFHASIA)
49. Krungsri Vietnam Equity Fund (KFVIET)
50. Krungsri Good Life Fund (KFGOOD)
51. Krungsri Good Life RMF (KFGOODRMF)
52. Krungsri India Equity RMF (KFINDIARMF)
53. Krungsri Global Healthcare Equity Hedged FX Fund (KFHHCARE)
54. Krungsri Super Life Fund (KFSUPER)
55. Krungsri Super Life RMF (KFSUPERRMF)
56. Krungsri World Tech Equity Hedged FX Fund (KFHTECH)
57. Krungsri Preferred Mix Hedged FX Fund (KFPREFER)
58. Krungsri Global Brands Equity Dividend SSF (KFGBRANSSF)
59. Krungsri Diversified Income Fund (KFDIVERSE)
60. Krungsri Global Dividend Hedged FX Fund (KFGDIV)
61.  Krungsri Global Core Allocation Fund (KFCORE)

The above change of fund list will be effective from 15 October 2020 onwards. The Management Company will make further announcement in case of any change.
Please be informed accordingly.
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