Closing Date of the Unitholders’ Register of Krungsri Global Fixed Income 1Y1 and Krungsri Global Fixed Income 1Y2 for Seeking Unitholders’ Resolution on Amendment of the Mutual Fund Project

24 June 2022
Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (“the Management Company”) would like to notify unitholders that the Management Company will seek the resolution of the unitholders of Krungsri Global Fixed Income 1Y1 (KFGFI1Y1) and Krungsri Global Fixed Income 1Y2 (KFGFI1Y2) to make amendments to the mutual fund project of the respective funds pertaining to the name of the mutual fund project and/or fund name, project maturity, type of fund according to special characteristics, details about the investment policy, redemption of investment units, liquidity risk management tools of the fund, fund dissolution, as well as other relevant matters.  Accordingly, the Management Company would like to announce the closing date of the unitholders’ register for seeking unitholders’ resolution as follows:
Details Date
Closing date of the Unitholders’ Register to identify the unitholders whose name appear in the Register who are entitled to vote on the resolution.
1 July 2022
Time period for exercising the right to vote on the resolution. 1 July – 8 August 2022
Last day for receiving the resolution notification. 8 August 2022

Should you require any further information, please contact your account manager or our Client Service at 02-657-5757 press 7 for English and 2 or via email at
Please be informed accordingly.
Announced on 24 June 2022.
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