Schedule for Automatic Redemption of Investment Units of Krungsri Global Smart Income Fund (KF-SINCOME)

12 January 2021
Krungsri Asset Management Company Limited (“the Management Company”) would like to notify the unitholders that the Management Company has set the schedule for automatic redemption along with switching–out of the investment units of Krungsri Global Smart Income Fund (KF-SINCOME) as follows:
Details Automatic Redemption of Investment units
No. 2/2021
(end of Q1/2021)
No. 3/2021
(end of Q2/2021)
No. 4/2021
(end of Q3/2021)
No. 1/2022
(end of Q4/2021)
1. Closing date of Unitholders’ Register for automatic redemption 29 Mar. 2021 28 Jun. 2021 28 Sep. 2021 23 Dec. 2021
2. Date of automatic redemption by switching-out the investment units of KF-SINCOME 1 Apr. 2021 1 Jul. 2021 1 Oct. 2021 3 Jan. 2022
3. Date of Switching-in the investment units to Krungsri Cash Management Fund-A (KFCASH-A) 7 Apr. 2021 6 Jul. 2021 5 Oct. 2021 5 Jan. 2022
4. The earliest date Unitholders can make redemption or switching-out of the investment units of KFCASH-A 8 Apr. 2021 7 Jul. 2021 6 Oct. 2021 6 Jan. 2022

1. The Management Company shall process the automatic redemption for the Unitholders based on the name and number of investment units appearing on the Unitholders’ Register on the date specified in No. 1 of the above table.  Therefore, the unitholders who subscribe the investment units after the specified date are not entitled to the automatic redemption for each round of transaction processing.
However, if it appears that, on the automatic redemption date as per No. 2 in the above table, the outstanding number of investment units held by any unitholder is reduced due to redemption or switching-out, resulting in the number of outstanding investment units of such unitholder being insufficient for making the automatic redemption according to No. 1, the Management Company shall process the automatic redemption of all the investment units held by such unitholder.
2. The rate used for automatic redemption shall be calculated relatively with the dividend pay-out of the distribution share class of the Master Fund and shall be determined by the Management Company at its discretion.  
3. The above schedule may change in the future which the Management Company shall notify the unitholders accordingly in advance as deemed appropriate.

Please be informed accordingly.

Announced on 12 January 2021.
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