Krungsri Growth Equity Fund-D (KFGROWTH-D)
Old Name: Krungsri Tuntawee Fund 5 (KFTW5)
Information as of Sep 30, 2020
Fund Type
Equity Fund
Dividend Policy
Maximum 4 times a year at the minimum 90% of fund`s net profit and/or accrued profit.
Inception Date
30 September 2003
Investment Policy
The Fund will invest in domestic equities no less than 80% of NAV. The remaining fund assets are invested in debt instruments of government sector, financial institutions, private companies or bank deposits. (please see details in prospectus summary)
Fund Manager
Wiput Uaanant, Sawinee Sooksiwong
Return Chart
NAV Movement
  • 3 Months
  • 12 Months
  • Since inception
Risk Level
High Risk

Transaction Details
Minimum Purchase Amount (Baht): 2,000
Minimum Redemption Amount (Unit): 2,000 baht or 200 units
Transaction Period: Daily during commercial bank`s business hours
Proceeds Payment Period: 3 working days after the execution (T+3)
Fund Redemption Period: Every bank working day within 15:30 hrs.
Transaction Channel: Krungsri Asset Management,Online Service,AGENT
Top Five Sectors (30 Sep 2020)
Energy and Utilities20.38%
Food & Beverage9.78%
Information & Communication Technology7.76%
Top Five Holdings (30 Sep 2020)
PTT Plc.5.97%
CP ALL Plc.4.71%
Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc.4.10%
Advanced Info Service Plc.3.76%
Dividend Payment History, Last 10 times
(Note : Paid 21 times, totalling 22.7000 Baht.)
24 Aug 20200.6900 Bt./unit
24 May 20190.2800 Bt./unit
19 Nov 20180.7900 Bt./unit
20 Feb 20180.8000 Bt./unit
15 Nov 20170.7500 Bt./unit
23 Aug 20170.3500 Bt./unit
22 Feb 20170.3600 Bt./unit
23 Aug 20160.5000 Bt./unit
26 May 20160.5000 Bt./unit
24 Aug 20150.1700 Bt./unit
Equity Funds
FundHistorical ReturnsFund Size (mil)
% Cumulative Return% Annualized ReturnSince Inception
3 Months6 MonthsYTD1 Year3 Years5 Years10 Years
Krungsri Dividend Stock Fund (KFSDIV)-11.63%+3.83%-26.72%-29.40%-11.62%-3.07%+2.96%+7.34%12,364
Standard Deviation of Fund+15.27%+21.20%+31.97%+28.11%+18.41%+15.92%+16.07%+16.15%
Krungsri Value Stock Fund (KFVALUE)-11.47%+3.48%-26.46%-29.30%-11.72%-2.88%+3.09%+5.57%816
Standard Deviation of Fund+15.14%+20.89%+31.30%+27.54%+18.19%+15.89%+16.10%+18.88%
Krungsri Star Equity Dividend Fund (KFSEQ-D)-7.90%+7.79%-24.24%-28.30%-14.93%-2.79%+1.04%+8.59%1,490
Standard Deviation of Fund+14.24%+20.20%+31.22%+27.58%+19.13%+16.81%+17.99%+23.15%
Krungsri Star Equity Fund (KFSEQ)-8.08%+7.44%-24.06%-28.22%-14.90%-2.84%+1.26%+3.99%1,213
Standard Deviation of Fund+14.40%+20.23%+30.83%+27.28%+19.00%+16.72%+17.92%+20.49%
Krungsri Dynamic Dividend Fund (KFDNM-D)-10.10%+15.40%-20.08%-23.77%-13.00%+1.76%+3.25%+5.58%334
Standard Deviation of Fund+15.74%+21.22%+31.27%+27.78%+19.62%+17.71%+18.18%+20.42%
Krungsri Financial Focus Dividend Fund (KFFIN-D)-8.07%+6.32%-34.11%-36.25%-14.80%+0.75%+1.98%+6.52%1,310
Standard Deviation of Fund+17.90%+27.36%+37.02%+32.60%+21.59%+19.16%+19.75%+22.51%
Krungsri Dynamic Fund (KFDYNAMIC)-10.04%+15.23%-20.41%-24.08%-12.88%+1.88%+3.14%+5.74%1,096
Standard Deviation of Fund+15.84%+21.24%+31.30%+27.81%+19.61%+17.71%+18.17%+20.81%
Krungsri Growth Equity Fund-A (KFGROWTH-A)-7.75%+8.00%-23.72%-27.74%N/AN/AN/A-19.88%9
Standard Deviation of Fund+14.01%+20.14%+30.95%+27.35%N/AN/AN/A+19.77%
Krungsri Growth Equity Fund-D (KFGROWTH-D)-7.81%+7.93%-23.77%-27.78%-14.63%-2.51%+1.60%+6.64%413
Standard Deviation of Fund+14.11%+20.18%+30.96%+27.36%+18.99%+16.68%+17.82%+20.49%
Krungsri Enhanced SET50 Fund-A (KFENS50-A)-11.82%+4.54%-23.88%-25.39%-7.47%+0.99%+3.94%+5.09%1,897
Standard Deviation of Fund+17.45%+24.38%+34.90%+30.75%+20.18%+18.01%+18.57%+22.16%
Krungsri Thai Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund (KFTHAISM)-4.36%+26.67%-16.78%-24.38%-16.33%N/AN/A-2.15%244
Standard Deviation of Fund+14.25%+19.19%+28.50%+25.27%+18.38%N/AN/A+16.88%
Krungsri Thai All Stars Equity Fund-D (KFTSTAR-D)-9.60%+3.85%-26.35%-30.00%-15.70%N/AN/A-11.13%1,080
Standard Deviation of Fund+13.68%+18.36%+29.96%+26.49%+18.24%N/AN/A+17.02%
Krungsri Thai All Stars Equity Fund-A (KFTSTAR-A)-9.60%+3.85%-26.35%-30.00%N/AN/AN/A-17.62%293
Standard Deviation of Fund+13.69%+18.36%+29.96%+26.49%N/AN/AN/A+18.32%
Krungsri Thai Equity CG Fund (KFTHAICG)-8.97%+13.36%-20.55%-24.16%-10.09%N/AN/A-8.64%72
Standard Deviation of Fund+13.75%+17.93%+29.11%+25.90%+17.85%N/AN/A+17.64%
SET TRI-7.02%+12.06%-19.27%-21.66%-6.67%+1.47%+5.93%N/A
Standard Deviation of Benchmark+13.72%+20.69%+31.78%+27.96%+18.30%+16.00%+16.60%N/A
SET50 TRI-11.21%+4.99%-24.89%-26.00%-7.27%+0.94%+4.85%N/A
Standard Deviation of Benchmark+16.72%+24.15%+36.01%+31.69%+20.71%+18.27%+18.51%N/A
Past Performance Information as of 30/09/2020
Past performance is not guarantee of future results.
Performance numbers are calculated according to the AIMC's standard. Performance is expressed in annualized for the period ≥ 1 year.

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