Krungsri Cash Plus Fund (KFCASHPLUS)
Old Name: AYF Cash Plus Fund (AYFCASHPLS)
Information as of Apr 30, 2020
Fund Type
Money Market Fund
Dividend Policy
To create an opportunity to receive favorable returns in the form of capital gains from short-term investment.
Inception Date
14 December 2007
Investment Policy
To invest in local and foreign short-term fixed income instrument, with time to matuirty of less than one year.
Fund Manager
Sira Klongvicha, Tikamporn Wichaitammator
Asset Allocation

Fixed Income Instruments issued by Bank of Thailand


Deposits and Fixed Income Instruments issued by Financial Institutions


Fixed Income Instruments Issued by Corporates


Other Assets


Other Liabilities

Return Chart
NAV Movement
  • 3 Months
  • 12 Months
  • Since inception
Risk Level
Medium to Low Risk

Transaction Details
Minimum Purchase Amount (Baht): 2,000
Minimum Redemption Amount (Unit): 1,000 baht or 100 units
Transaction Period: Daily during commercial bank`s business hours.
Proceeds Payment Period: 1 business days after execution
Transaction Channel: Krungsri Asset Management,Online Service,AGENT
Asset Allocation (30 Apr 2020)
Fixed Income Instruments issued by Bank of Thailand82.85%
Deposits and Fixed Income Instruments issued by Financial Institutions8.75%
Fixed Income Instruments Issued by Corporates8.04%
Other Assets0.66%
Other Liabilities-0.31%
Top Five Issuers/Guarantors (30 Apr 2020)
Bank of Thailand82.85%
Tisco Financial Group Plc.3.59%
United Overseas Bank (Thai) Plc.3.45%
Kiatnakin Bank Plc.3.13%
AP (Thailand) Plc.2.23%
Top Five Securities
Security CodeIssue / Issuer Rating% of NAV
Money Market Funds
FundHistorical ReturnsFund Size (mil)
% Cumulative Return% Annualized ReturnSince Inception
3 Months6 MonthsYTD1 Year3 Years5 Years10 Years
Krungsri Cash Management Fund-A (KFCASH-A)+0.15%+0.37%+0.21%+0.98%+0.92%+0.97%+1.47%+1.79%33,686
Standard Deviation of Benchmark+0.01%+0.01%+0.01%+0.02%+0.02%+0.03%+0.17%+0.35%
Krungsri Cash Plus Fund (KFCASHPLUS)+0.16%+0.39%+0.23%+1.02%+0.95%+1.02%+1.60%+1.64%2,232
Standard Deviation of Fund+0.03%+0.04%+0.03%+0.05%+0.04%+0.04%+0.08%+0.09%
Standard Deviation of Benchmark+0.04%+0.04%+0.04%+0.04%+0.03%+0.03%+0.08%+0.09%
Past Performance Information as of 30/04/2020
Past performance is not guarantee of future results.
Performance numbers are calculated according to the AIMC's standard. Performance is expressed in annualized for the period ≥ 1 year.

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