Krungsri Flexible 2 RMF (KFFLEX2RMF)    
Support PVD transfers.

Information As of July 29, 2016

Fund Type
Retirement Mutual Fund (Mixed Fund)

To promote long term investment as a retirement planning for investors.

Investment Policy
To invest in equity and fixed income securities, with concentration in equities. The investment asset allocation may be adjusted according to market situation.

Dividend Policy

Inception Date
16 October 2002

Fund Manager
Wiput Uaanant, Thalit Chokthippatana, Sawinee Sooksiwong, Satit Buachoo

Return Chart
NAV Movement

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Transaction Details
Minimum Purchase Amount (Baht) 2,000
Minimum Redemption Amount (Unit) 1,000 baht or 100 units. Investors can only redeem the units of RMF and get exemption on the capital gains when they have held the units for more than 5 years and are at least 55 years old. The exceptions are when they die or become disable.
Transaction Period Daily during commercial bank`s business hours.
Proceeds Payment Period 4 business days after execution

Asset Allocation (As of July 29, 2016)
Instruments issued by Sovereign or Supra-national organization 1.84%
Fixed Income Instruments issued by Bank of Thailand 8.21%
Deposits and Fixed Income Instruments issued by Financial Institutions 1.91%
Fixed Income Instruments Issued by Corporates 4.28%
Equities & Unit Trusts 83.69%
  • Intouch Holdings Plc.
  • PTT Plc.
  • Robinson Department Store Plc.
  • Kasikorn Bank Plc.
  • Bangkok Chain Hospital Plc.
    Other Assets 0.43%
    Other Liabilities -0.35%

    Top Five Securities
    Security Code Issue / Issuer Rating % of NAV
    INTUCH - 4.93%
    PTT - 4.92%
    ROBINS - 4.80%
    KBANK - 4.57%
    BCH - 4.53%

    Risk Level